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    Main products

    • Consumption Flow Meter
      Micro oval gear flow meter
    • Oval gear flow meter
         Oval Gear Flow meter
    • Coriolis mass Flow Meter
        Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
    • Electromagnetic Flowmeter
      Electromagnetic Flowmeter
    • Vortex Flow Meter<
            Vortex Flow Meter
    • Liquid Turbine Flow Meter
        Liquid turbine flow meter
    • Wet Gas Flow Meter
          Wet gas flow meter
    • thermal type gas mass flowmeter
      Thermal Type Gas Mass...
    • XD Mass Flow Meter
      Mass Flow Meter /div>
    • V-cone flowmete
          V-cone Flowmeter
    • ultrasonic water meter
         Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
    • Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter
      Ultrasonic Open Channel..
    •  electronic flow switch
        Electronic Flow Wwitch
    • Ultrasonic Level meter
         Ultrasonic Level meter
    • Radar level meter
          Radar level meter
    • Magnetic level meter
          Magnetic level meter
           Fork Level Swith
    • Level switch
              Level switch

    About Us

    Cixi flowmeter Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 and we have especially set up Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co. Ltd in order to handle the deals of Export and obtained the License of Export and Import in 2008. Since 1986, Cixi flowmeter Co. Ltd has been dedicating itself to research and manufacture of various kinds of flowmeters and level meters. With sophisticated experience in technology and management, we has made a name for itself as an excellent manufacturer of various kinds of flowmeters and level meters. Thanks to outstanding performance of products, CIXI Flowmeters are being applied ......more>>

    Contact Us

    Office Address: Room 402, No. 650, Xinzhuan Rd., Jiuting Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China (Mainland)